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Lodge Cast Iron 14" Wok

Cook Like a Pro with the Lodge Cast Iron 14 Wok!

- Versatile - The 14 inch diameter of the wok makes it suitable for a variety of recipes, from stir fry to deep frying.
- Easy to clean - The Lodge Cast Iron 14 Wok is pre-seasoned, which helps to make it easier to clean and maintain.

The Lodge Cast Iron 14 Wok is the perfect tool for making delicious stir-fry dishes. This large wok is made of durable cast iron and is pre-seasoned for a natural, non-stick surface. Its 14 inch diameter and flat base provide plenty of room for large batches of vegetables and meats, while its long handle and helper handle make it easy to move around the kitchen. The wok is perfect for searing, sautéing, and frying, as well as deep-frying. It's also ideal for braising, simmering, and steaming. The Lodge Cast Iron 14 Wok is a great addition to any kitchen and will last for years with proper care.