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Jim Beam 12 Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle.

Grill, Griddle, and Stir Fry with Ease: Jim Beam 12 Pre Seasoned Heavy Duty Construction Cast Iron Wok!

- Versatile: The pan can be used for grilling, wok-cooking, stir-frying, and more.
- Easy to clean: The pan is easy to clean with a damp cloth or brush.

The Jim Beam 12 Pre-Seasoned Heavy Duty Construction Cast Iron Grilling Wok, Griddle and Stir Fry Pan is the perfect tool for your outdoor grilling needs. This pan is constructed with heavy-duty cast iron that is pre-seasoned with vegetable oil for a natural, easy-release finish. The large 12-inch size allows you to cook multiple items at once, making it ideal for family meals. The wok is designed with a deep lip for easy stirring and flipping and a long handle for secure maneuvering. The griddle side is perfect for pancakes, eggs, and bacon. The stir-fry side is great for vegetables and meats. This versatile pan is perfect for all your outdoor grilling needs.