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Eleulife Nonstick Wok Pan with Lid

Cook Like a Professional Chef with the Eleulife 13-Inch Carbon Steel Wok!

- Flat bottom design is suitable for all stovetops, including induction, electric, and gas.
- Includes a lid and spatula for convenient cooking.

The Eleulife Wok Pan with Lid is the perfect tool for making delicious stir-fry dishes. Made from 13 inch carbon steel, this wok is nonstick and free of any chemical coatings. The flat bottom is designed to work on induction, electric, and gas stoves, so it can be used on any stovetop. The included spatula is great for tossing and stirring ingredients, and the lid helps to keep the heat and flavors in. This wok is perfect for making a variety of stir-fry dishes, from traditional Chinese recipes to modern fusion cuisine. The nonstick surface makes it easy to clean and maintain, so you can enjoy cooking with it for years to come.