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Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Wok Set

Experience Traditional Chinese Cooking with the Carbon Steel Wok 13.4" Hand Hammered Wok Set!

- Versatile: The round bottom design of the wok makes it suitable for use on a variety of cooktops, including electric, induction, and gas.
- Accessorized: The set comes with 8 pieces of cookware accessories, including a spatula, ladle, and a steel ring to hang the wok.

This Carbon Steel Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Wok is a great addition to any kitchen. It is 13.4” in diameter, making it perfect for larger dishes. The round bottom is designed to provide even heat distribution, ensuring that food cooks evenly. This wok is made of carbon steel, making it durable and long-lasting. The traditional hand-hammered surface adds texture to the wok, making it easier to stir fry food. The wok also includes 8 pieces of cookware accessories, such as a pair of chopsticks, a wok spatula, a wok ring, and more. This wok is perfect for making traditional Chinese dishes and is an essential item for any kitchen.